NHS 75th Anniversary

21st June 2023Patient information

July 5th will be the 75th birthday of our NHS, however we do not feel like it is the time to celebrate. Under the current climate, it is vital that we stand together to protect our NHS from the proposed changes being made which will drastically affect the core values. 


Join us on 5th July to honour the amazing success of the NHS in the recent past, and stand for the values as we know it. 

Travel Vaccinations

5th September 2022Patient information

We have paused our travel health vaccination service until further notice. This is due to the current polio virus outbreak in London. We are now prioritising the vaccination and protection of children at risk of catching polio. Should you require travel advice and vaccinations in the meantime please visit a local travel clinic. Thank you for your understanding.

Click here to find out more about Polio virus detected in sewage, London.