The Aberfeldy neighbourhood has been the centre of major regeneration over the past 10 years, led by EcoWorld London and Poplar HARCA.

As part of their 10-year anniversary celebrations they have launched Aberfeldy Stories – an exhibition that explores the transformation of this neighbourhood through the lives of people that live here. Please read Dr Phillip’s story below. You can read more stories and listen to audio/podcasts by clicking on Aberfeldy Stories.

“I’m a GP family doctor. I think Aberfeldy residents are good, honest people. When they see that you’re trying to make a difference, then they take you to their souls. I have been working on the Aberfeldy for 22 years. I’m just about becoming accepted as a local! The regeneration of the Aberfeldy Estate, I think, has been a key factor in improving the health and the well being of the community.”
Dr Phillip Bennett-Richards

Listen to Dr Phillip’s podcast.